The annual fees collected by the KRA are used for ongoing operations and maintenance of the 17 community entrance features and feature park sites. Please click the image to learn more.

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Please find our current bylaws in the button below.

August 23rd -  AGM notices have been sent out, please contact us if you do not receive one. If you can not attend the AGM September 13th, please email your proxy form. Instructions can be found under the Annual General Meeting tab.

July 17th -Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at the Stampede Breakfast, we hope to see you at our AGM! Congrats to Sisi Teug and Shirley Thai Johnson for winning our Visagift cards.

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Kincora Residents Association

Although the KRA shares a very similar name to the Kincora Community Association (KCA) we do not share the same borders or serve the same purpose. The KRA does work closely with the KCA in matters with the City of Calgary but is not directly associated with either. Please click the map to learn more.