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Kincora Residents Association

The KRA appreciates the effort on the part of all homeowners to maintain their account in good standing at all times.

KRA fees are due annually on 

April 30th.

The following fees apply to all homes in the KRA on an annual basis:

  • Single family home $200 plus GST
  • Multi-family home $100 plus GST

            Option 1

  • Complete the lower portion of your Association fee     invoice and mail your cheque, money order, or bank draft to

             Kincora Residents Association

             Suite B, 6010 - 12th St. SE
             Calgary, Alberta

             T2H 2X2

            Option 2

  •  In person at the C-Era offices with cheque, debit, money order or bank draft. We do accept credit card but there will be a 2% surcharge to cover those fees.

            Suite B, 6010 - 12th St. SE
            Calgary, Alberta


Payment Options

The fiscal year for the Kincora Residents Association runs from January 1st to December 31st. If fees are not paid on time a $25 plus GST late fee will be added to your statement. If fees are not paid within the year interest will be added to the account statement in the amount of 18% per annum and accrue until the account is settled.

Please take note that accounts left in arrears for more than two years will be contacted by the KRA's legal representation to begin formal collection proceedings.

When a property is sold, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to notify the KRA/ C-Era of the transaction to ensure that the membership records are kept current.

Should you require any further information in writing, please contact the KRA and provide the civic address, the information being requested, a contact name and a contact phone number.