​​Kincora Residents Association

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                          Annual General Meeting

        Interested in making a difference in your community?
              The KRA is looking for volunteer board members.
              If you or someone you know is interested, we would
              love to hear from you.

            2022/2023 KRA Board of Directors

            President:                 Annette Hall
            Vice President:        Mike Geaman
            Treasurer:                 David Northcott
            Director at Large:    Dale Gordon
            Director at Large:    Sochi Iwuoha​

            The 2023 KRA AGM is being planned for June 2023.

               In-person attendance:
                    Symons Valley United Church
                    38 Kincora Rise NW
                    Calgary, Alberta

               Virtual attendance:   
                     The KRA is looking at offering a virtual attendance option.


                        If you are unable to attend, please submit your proxy.

  • A registered owner (or legal designate) may submit a proxy.
  • One vote per residence.
  • Account must be in good standing.
  • Submit to Simco Management a minimum of 72 hours before a meeting.  Follow the information on the Proxy document.

AGM minutes are available through the Simco CCC Portal library.

                                   The Kincora Residents Association is registered as a non-profit corporation under the

                                   Province of Alberta Companies Act.

                                   The Articles of Association filed March 31, 2022 supersede the previous document file

                                   dated October 22, 2002. These are the KRA's 'bylaws'.

                                   Member of the Board of Directors are guided by the principals and guidelines presented

                                   in the KRA Agreement to Serve/ Code of Conduct.

                                  An Encumbrance has been added to all property Land Titles, within the KRA boundaries,

                                  which is a 'charge' on the land. This is the document that makes the KRA HOA fee


                                  Property Land Titles can have Restrictive Covenants, which are contractual restrictions

                                  on the use of certain land for the benefit of other land. Utility right-of-way, fencing, fence                                    color, and land grading are examples.

Some additional documents are available on the Simco CCC Portal library.