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Happy Eid to our residents that celebrate the holiday.

​And for those celebrating, a joyous Passover.  

April showers bring May flowers and yes, weeds!  

Weed control on public land is controlled by the City of Calgary. Natural reserve areas, ravines, and turf maintenance follow the City Parks maintenance guidelines.  Areas within the KRA boundary use dandelion control methods, other than chemical applications which affect people, animals, and beneficial critters such as bees. The KRA used approved fertilizers targeting turf as well as aeration on the Kincora field to strengthen the grasses and overcrowd dandelions. The KRA’s enhanced landscaping provides mowing once per week, otherwise the mowing schedule would be every 10 -14 days. This allows for the trimming of flower stalks to interrupt the next generation of seeds.

A strategy for the ravines and natural reserve areas is cutting thistle so new shoots emerge and succumb to the City thistle control methods better than the mature stalks. Less chemicals being used are best for everyone This requires planning, budgeting and manpower so not everywhere can be done right away. The north ravine (Rotary Mattamy Greenway Trail) has had success with these methods and the south ravine will hopefully improve as well.

Upcoming Projects:

The board is busy planning projects for the upcoming Spring and Summer season.  One of these projects will focus on the stone wall, located at the Kincora entrance on Kincora Boulevard.  The wall is over 22 years old, and requires masonry repairs in order to maintain its structural integrity.  Further details and updates will be provided on our website and in our newsletters in the coming months. 

Parking Reminders 101:

Parking too close for safety - You may receive a ticket and/or be towed, if you park any portion of your vehicle within 5 meters of: a stop or yield sign, fire hydrant, intersection and marked crosswalk.  Parking too close to the curb break, garage, or driveway - You must keep driveways and garage entrances clear regardless of who owns the driveway or garage. In alleys, the driveway or garage entrance no parking zone stretches across the width of the alley. If you park in front, or within 1.5 meters, of a driveway or garage, you may get a ticket and/or be towed. 

To avoid getting a ticket:

Park well back as 1.5 meters is approximately 5 feet, 5 meters is approximately 16 feet. If your vehicle is towed, the towing and storage fees must be paid in full to pick up your vehicle however, an associated parking ticket may be paid at a later date.  Parking Fine payment schedule is based on when parking fine payment made and increases the later the fines are paid.  

 For RV owners there is specific bylaws:  If an RV is parked on the front of the property, it must be on a hard-surfaced driveway or parking stall and cannot be parked for more than 36 consecutive hours. This limited-term front area parking allows for reasonable use like cleaning, loading, unloading, etc., and is intended to help mitigate issues of visibility, safety and aesthetics of RV parking in residential areas. The Bylaw does not limit the time for side or rear parking in residential areas.

To report an illegally parked vehicle.  Call 403-537-7000 option 3.  Response times may vary.

For full Calgary parking information -

KRA owner accounts
KRA accounts in their 2nd year of arrears will have a $25 late fee applied to recoup the costs of confirming owner contact information. HOA arrear notices will be issued as well.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and each other

Kincora Residents Association