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Kincora Resident’s Association HOA Annual General Meeting - Oct 13, 2020

Over this past year the board has continued to see many great successes as well as many challenges.  Covid shut down a lot of businesses, jobs were in limbo and  activities suspended.  But despite these difficulties, the KRA board had a very successful and  productive year.

This year, the focus was on collection of past due fees, vetting contracts for management, landscaping, flower beds, renegotiation of the Roger's Cell Tower lease, electrical repairs, lighting enhancements and planning for playground improvements.

We have new management changes coming, effective Jan 1st, 2021, we are changing management companies from C-era to Simco Management.  We will be providing more information, contacts and meetings to introduce the changes and how it will benefit residents in the new year. 

Your opinions and suggestions are vital to keep moving forward and in making Kincora one of the best family communities in Calgary.

KRA Amenities

Although the KRA shares a very similar name to the Kincora Community Association (KCA) we do not share the same borders or serve the same purpose. The KRA does work closely with the KCA in matters with the City of Calgary but is not directly associated with either. Please click the map to learn more.

Kincora Residents Association

The annual fees collected by the KRA are used for ongoing operations and maintenance of the 17 community entrance features and feature park sites. Please click the image to learn more.

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