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Thank you to all of our KRA owners who have participated in our June AGM. By reaching out, the KRA Board can best represent our community.

We would like to remind our residents regarding the importance of maintenance and upkeep relating to fences and landscaping.  Painting and repairs of fences, chain link and brick walls that are located on homeowners property remains the responsibility of the homeowner, as per covenants placed on the homeowners property title.  These covenants are added to the land titles on all homes in the Kincora residence boundary, the covenants vary for each homeowner.  Trees located on on homeowners property that over-hang sidewalks must be groomed to allow for safe passage of pedestrians, as per City bylaw.  This also includes cutting of grass located on the exterior side of the developer installed fences.  Thank you to the residents who have maintained their properties under the restricted covenants.  If you are new to the city, a long-term Calgarian, homeowner or tenant looking for more information about your responsibilities within our neighbourhood, the City of Calgary has designed a quick reference tool.  Frequently referenced bylaws which set a minimum standard for neighbourhoods and help ensure that all Calgarians live in safe, clean and healthy communities.  

The Good Neighbour Practices Reference Guide is an overview of municipal bylaws governing neighbourhood issues. It has been written to advise residents, business owners and service providers of their rights and responsibilities as members of their community and includes general information about bylaws pertaining to your property. Visit the Good Neighbour Practices at calgary.ca

With the warm weather upon us, opening windows to cool off your home is standard practice in the summer.  We would like to remind our residents, about the dangers of our smaller residents potentially falling out of windows.  Every year about 50 children are treated in Alberta ERs after tumbling out of windows.  At the Alberta Children's Hospital in 2016, 15 per cent of major trauma patients were children who fell out of the windows in their own homes.  Children who fall out of windows often suffer severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, skull and spine fractures, and internal injuries such as liver lacerations.  

Currently, the building code has no restrictions on how wide a second-storey window in a house can be opened, how far from the floor it can be, or any mandatory safety devices to restrict opening a window.  Proposed changes include a new rule stating that the portion of a second storey window that is able to open must be at least three feet from the finished floor, or the window must have a device in place to permanently restrict the opening to no more than four inches.  The new rules should be added to the revised National Building Code that comes into force next year.  It will apply only to new homes, so officials recommend parents consider installing child locks or opening-limiters as part of baby-proofing their home.

If you are an owner, reside within our boundary and have your account in good standing, please consider putting your name forward to join the KRA board!

Wishing our residents a safe and fun filled summer!

The Kincora Residents Association