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Over the summer months our community has blossomed as the flower beds and planters came to life, making our community a beautiful place to call home. We are especially grateful to our volunteer board member Maria who spearheaded this multi-year landscaping improvement initiative along with Able Landscaping. Next years focus will be to include perennials in the flower beds and the feature wall.

This past July, the City of Calgary replaced forty two trees in the median along Kincora Drive, and provided the one time annual pathway cutting. The lights on the tower have been replaced (all under warranty), and we look forward to welcoming you home and by showcasing our holiday themed lighting in the coming months. We would like to thank Kincora electrician, Michael Lundgren for providing his services to the KRA.

In keeping with the beautification of our community, we would like to thank the residence who have maintained their properties under the restricted covenants. These are added to the land titles on all homes in the Kincora residence association boundary. The covenants vary for each home and each homeowner is responsible for their cost of upkeep, repair and maintenance of both sides of their wood, stone and chain link fencing, and are restricted to the design as per the restrictive covenants. The paint colour for wooden fences is produced by Cloverdale Paints located at Spy Hill (across from the Northwest Auto Mall) and is named Kincora Grey. If you're unsure of the colour, please take a colour chip to Cloverdale and they will gladly match it for your fence. In partnership with Simco Property Management Company, we plan on having all information regarding encumbrance and copies of restrictive covenants placed into the Simco portal library.

As the days become shorter and as our landscape turns into a kaleidoscope of autumnal colours, we as a community will be falling back into a routine. As a reminder please obey posted speed limits as the streets will be busier with school buses and students.  

closing, there have been many kind words expressed on our community social media page, and the board members would to take this opportunity to thank-you for your feedback. Until next time, please take care of yourself and each other. 

The Kincora Residents Association