***Water for landscaping purposes is not from the City of Calgary and is non-potable. ***

Happy Canada Day Kincora!  We would like to acknowledge the land heritage which consists of the Blackfoot Confederacy, Stoney Nakoda, Tsuu T'ina and Northwest Metis, who lived, hunted and travelled throughout the treaty 7 region.  Kincora, like all communities in Calgary, is enriched by the presence and contributions of the Indigenous community, and we are grateful for their continued presence and influence. 
Kincora has over 120 acres of parkland and environmental reserves making it the perfect place for families to live and grow.  Recently, there has been three incidents where our greenspaces have been damaged by human behaviour:

  • a cricket pitch in the sports field that is designated for soccer. Turf needs for cricket and soccer are different. The soccer turf will be repaired, and the cricket pitch removed. Future repairs may be at the expense of the groups involved.  If there is an interest in a cricket pitch area in Kincora please reach out to the City via 311, the KRA or the KCA. 
  • In the sport field area, there has been a vehicle driven down to the soccer field(s). The ruts that have been repaired have new tracks in them. Future repairs may be at the expense of the individual involved. 
  • biking in the ravine and leaving track marks in the natural reserve park area. The ravines are protected areas by the City of Calgary for the preservation of our biodiversity and not a bike park. There are several City of Calgary Policies, Plans and Bylaws that support the management, conservation, and protection of natural areas. Visit www.calgary.ca/parks/natural-areas for more information. The pathways are there for a purpose and shared between pedestrians & cyclists – please use them.

Thank you to our residents that participated in the KRA’s June AGM.  We would like to welcome our new Simco HOA Manager, Erika Rodriguez and thank you to Kali Jenkins, for your support over the years. 
While our KRA volunteer board is on summer break, we continue with the business of our community.  We welcome questions, comments and suggestions to: kincoraresidents.org

Wishing our residents a happy and safe summer!

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