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The Kincora Residents Association

As the saying goes "April showers, bring May flowers", here's hoping the weather will hold true and turn our community to vibrant pastel palate of colours.  Speaking of Spring, it's a great time to get outside and enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer.  Did you know that our community is home to the Kincora Pond? The pond is located adjacent to the gazebo and overlooks Symons Valley Road and Stoney trail.  The pond is designed as a stormwater facility that is constructed to have the attributes of a natural wetland.  Aquatic plants, including rushes and sedges provide habitat to native birds such as the red-winged blackbird, blue heron, ducks and sandpipers. The pond controls the release of the stormwater and improves its quality prior to the water being released into West Nose Creek at the bottom of the valley. 
Next time you are out and about, ensure to check out our nature's wonderland in our very own backyard.  

We continue to work with the Kincora Community Association (KCA) to secure a sports court.  The proposed location is currently located at the skating rink and is designated as a “Future School Site”. The KCA applied to have this designation changed in the fall of 2021 and were denied. We would like to thank, Travis Merrick, President of the KCA , for his support in working with our MLA, new City Councillor, and new School Board Trustee to re-engage this process and work together towards a positive outcome.  If approved, the sports court would provide a home for tennis, pickleball and basketball.  The court would consist of an asphalt pad, which allows for the surface to be flooded in winter to become a skating rink.  We will continue to keep the community updated and hopefully we can put the decision to a vote to move forward during the KRA AGM our AGM, scheduled for June 16 at 7 PM.  We hope to have the meeting  at the Symons Valley United Church and virtually.   

There are two upcoming community events in May. The first is the Kincora Parade of Garage Sales on May 14th starting at 9am. The second event is the Kincora Community Clean Up on May 21st from 9 to 12. This event is being held at the Symons Valley United Church. More information can be found on our community Facebook site.

If you're an avid gardener or even someone who is going to try to plant one for the first time this year, please consider using plants that support our pollinator population as you head out to our local greenhouses. 

We like to thank homeowners for keeping their accounts up to date.  HOA fees are due January 1st, annually.  The KRA will be completing attempts to contact homeowners in arrears before forwarding to collections.