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Happy New Year from the Kincora Residents Association.  We hope everyone had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, were able to take a break and reflect back on the year that was.  
Speaking of reflection, we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight a few of the association's accomplishments from 2021.  It was a busy year for the volunteer board.  

Green and Growing:
This past year, we invested in upgrading planters and corner beds.  We focused on replacing the original soil with new organic material and increased the amount of perennials in each bed. The association made intentional choices of planting pollinator and butterfly friendly plants which helped to support our green spaces. The entrance feature was enhanced with a tiered planting area and a mass planting of annuals, along with perennials. 
For this year, plans are underway to add perennials, annuals and shrubs to the corner beds. Also, members of the association met with Able Landscaping to design planters that incorporated a variety of colours and heights. It was a joy to see how these flourished over the summer months, and feedback on social media from the community was positive. 

Sports Court
In late fall, the release of land to build a sports court was rejected by the Joint Use Coordinating Committee as the underutilized section of the field is reserved for a public school.  The KRA and KCA will continue working together to find a location that will add to our Kincora amenities.

Articles of Association:
The updated Articles of Association were voted on and approved in October. The original Articles of Association were registered in 2002.  Thank-you to our residents who voted on this matter.
This year promises to be another busy year for the board.  We are just starting to get underway with potential plans to enhance the community gazebo, and discussions are occurring regarding fencing repairs. A continued focus will be on landscaping enhancements. Contracts for our landscaping providers, Explosive and Able are up for renewal this year.

We take great pride in our inclusive community and we want to celebrate traditional holidays with you! If you want to "light" up your holiday celebration on the Kincora tower (For example, the tower is red and green for Christmas or orange and purple for Halloween,) please submit a request via our website. Please ensure that you provide this information at least a week prior to your holiday, along with an appropriate colour scheme that honours the holiday's traditions.

The KRA and SIMCO Property Management would like to remind everyone that annual HOA fees are due each year on January 1.  These fees are inclusive from January through to December each calendar year.  By now, you should have received your invoice.  Please visit our website for payment options.  

On behalf of the KRA and SIMCO Property Management, we wish you and your family a wonderful 2022!

SIMCO Property Management:
Stephanie Hines
Condo/HOA Manager
(403) 234 0166 ext,4045