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A friendly reminder that we have recently changed property management companies.  Ensure to visit Simco's property management website;, to register your account for access to invoicing, account information, communications, and HOA payment options, due April  30th.  Questions or clarifications related to Simco can be directed to,

Verna Penner, Director, Property Management for Kincora: verna@simcomgt,com or call 403 234 0166, extension 4019.

The KRA continues  to focus on improving and beautifying our community.  We are currently in discussions with a new landscaping company, focusing on enhancements and revitalization of annual landscaping.  The revitalization project is planned for the next two years and will focus on boulevard planters, corner beds and entrance features.

Planters and Corner Beds:

This years focus will see removal of the original soil, replaced with new organic material.  The shrubs (lilacs and junipers) will be removed as the majority are overgrown or have outlived their  lifespan. 

For the 2022 season, plans are underway to build upon this years enhancements  with additional perennials, annuals and shrubs.  The boulevards  planters will see additional enhancements that will encompass the entire planter to create a memorable experience, much like the winter display.

Entrance Feature:

The entrance feature will start with a replacement of prep rock and organic material in order to support a tiered planting area with boulders,  and a mass planting of annuals beneath the Kincora sign.  Two mass perennial plantings  will accompany the annuals.  Next year, juniper shrubs are planned to be added to the feature.

The Butterfly Project:

We haven't forgotten about our other neighbours, the bees and butterflies.  The butterfly project is a community-led movement, growing habitat for bees and butterflies across Canada with the David Suzuki Foundation and supported by the City of Calgary.  Numerous communities have had great success, including Beddington and Coventry Hills.  We encourage you to think of these endangered species when planning for your own gardens this year, just like the KRA.  Wildflowers, Black Eye Susan, and Milk Weed are a few examples in which the bees and butterflies thrive upon.  

We are  excited to see our plans "green and growing" and look forward to enjoying the upcoming spring and summer season. 

As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions.​