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In keeping with our community beautification, our multi-year landscaping project is underway.  The rejuvenation of the 22 flower beds, 15 boulevard planters and redesigned entrance feature is now complete.  Further enhancements will continue in 2022. 

A friendly reminder to support our other neighbours.  The KRA is excited to have created over 25 mini habitats for butterflies in the community, joining hundreds of other communities across Canada.  These areas have been planted with pollinator-friendly flowers to provide habitats for butterflies and other valuable pollinators.  

Should you wish to make some pollinator magic in your back yard, then pick up a free package of Columbine, Luptine or Milkweed seeds from the Little Free Library, located on Kincora Terrace.  You can also visit, www.davissuzuki.orgto learn how to create your own pollinator patch, adding to the Kincora Butterflyway.  Take an opportunity to stroll down the Butterfly plantings located within the boulevard planters and redesigned feature wall and look for our pollinator quick though, as the average life span of as butterfly is only 2-4 weeks. 

Happy Fluttering!


Speaking of beautification, residents may be planning outdoor projects to enhance the beauty of their properties and the community.  Prior to starting, it is important to know and understand that residents within the Kincora Residents Association boundaries, are required to follow their Restrictive Covenants. 

The Restrictive Covenants are in place 'to maintain the general character of all of the lots’ and can include details for design, wood-stone-chain link fencing, paint color, grades, drainage system, utility services and more. Restrictive Covenants have been added, by the original developer, to Land Titles on all the homes in the Kincora Residents Association boundary. The contents and quantity of the Restrictive Covenants vary for each home. Each homeowner is responsible for their ‘cost of upkeep, repair and maintenance of both sides of’ their wood, stone, and chain link fencing and are restricted to the design as per their Restrictive Covenant(s).

For example, the paint colour for wooden fences was produced by CLOVERDALE Paints is named "GREY MOUNTAIN".  The colour requirement for chain link fences is Black Powder Coated.   

Owners are responsible for having a copy of their Restrictive Covenant(s). The Kincora Residents Association does not have a library of these documents as each home within the Kincora Residents Association boundary has its own and potentially unique set of Restrictive Covenants to follow.  We have added a sample portion from some Restrictive Covenants to our website.

Thank you to our residents that have paid their 2021 HOA fees. Unpaid HOA fees are now overdue and are subject to applicable late charges. If fees are not paid within the year interest will be added to the account statement in the amount of 18% per annum and accrue until the account is settled. Questions or clarifications regarding HOA fees can be directed though your Simco Resident portal account or to