Kincora Residents Association

The annual fees collected by the KRA are used for ongoing operations and maintenance of the 17 community entrance features and feature park sites. Please click the image to learn more.

Residents Association Boundaries

Although the KRA shares a very similar name to the Kincora Community Association (KCA) we do not share the same borders or serve the same purpose. The KRA does work closely with the KCA in matters with the City of Calgary but is not directly associated with either. Please click the map to learn more.

KRA Bylaws

Please find our current bylaws in the button below.

Landscaping - The board is currently going through the planning and approval process for some of the planting areas in our community. We are also exploring options on materials and design to save costs.  Thank you for your patience during the upcoming renovations!

Thank you to those who attended the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 17, 2018 at the Symons Valley United Church.  Our elected board for 2018/19 has been finalized. Please see the 'About' tab for names and positions. The Kincora Residents Association is a volunteer board committed to serving our beautiful community. We encourage all Kincora residents to connect with us so that we can try to understand and exceed residents expectations of this board.

KRA Amenities