The Kincora Residents Association is a community-run, non-profit organization responsible for maintaining green spaces and landscaping for Kincora. The KRA is managed by residents of Kincora who volunteer their time for the betterment of the community along with C-Era Property Management for day to day management.

Our main objective is to maintain all entrance features, green spaces, the gazebo and Kincora tower. We do not however have any oversight of the natural greenspace areas (ravines) or pathways throughout these areas.

The KRA was established by APEX Builders Group to assume ownership and responsibility of entrance features and feature parks within the community. All owners within the red (as shown in the map below) are members of the KRA. An encumbrance exists on all residential and multi-family parcels within the KRA boundary which outlines the annual payment required (see "Annual Fees") for the purpose of maintaining the entrance features and feature parks.

The KRA is separate from the Kincora Community Association. The Community Association has a number of responsibilities related to enhancing a family-oriented lifestyle and the value of our homes and community. These include the community newsletter, Stampede breakfast, community cleanup and other social activities throughout the year. The two associations work closely together to ensure that community concerns are managed efficiently and effectively.

  • Why do we have an HOA fee?
    • The collection of the annual fee is used to maintain the green spaces within Kincora at a level that is superior to the standards that would have been provided for by The City of Calgary through the assessment and collection of property taxes.

  • How is the budget made?
    • The board creates it based off of previous year's budgets and directs its energies towards projects to improve Kincora. Landscaping is by far the largest item of that budget and is tendered publicly for contract.This tender is based on a specifications a previous board had an outside consultant help craft and is reviewed annually by the board's landscape committee.

  • Does the board receive any money from the City?
    • Yes, we are provided a grant for work that would be done on their normal work schedule. This can be found in the past financials.

  • Can I attend board meetings?
    • Regular meetings are open to attend by any member in good standing, please contact the KRA for information.

 Board of Directors - 2017/18

Al B. - President

Bruce S.- Director

Sandy M. - Director

Tarun D. - Director

Nicole C. - Director

Samir M. - Director

Rene T. - Director

C-Era Property Management

Suite B, 6010 - 12th St. SE
Calgary, Alberta,

T2H 2X2
Telephone: 403-266-0240


Kincora Residents Association