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Annual Fee

​​​​The KRA Homeowner Association Fee (HOA) is due annually on January 1st.

The following annual fees apply in the KRA:

        Single family home $210 ($200 plus $10 GST)
     Multi-family home $105 ($100 plus $5 GST)

There have been no increases to the HOA fees since the 2002 inception.


                                                                                               Note: arrears are subject to interest charges.

​​​Payment Options

Online Portal
Simco's online portal  provides access for online EFT as well as credit card payments*. Payment receipts are visible on your Portal account.

Online access can only be arranged through Simco. Contact the Simco Office to assist with the one-time setup. By registering online, paperless notification of announcements and invoices can be sent resulting in significant cost savings that are reverted back to the KRA community.

  *a per transaction convenience fee will be automatically added to your payment. Credit card payments are subject to an additional POS fee.

Mail/ Office
The Simco Management office accepts payments and is open during regular business hours, except for holidays.

Cheque, money order, or bank draft payments can also be mailed or dropped off in the mailbox outside of the door. Please ensure your name, contact information, and the address that funds apply, are listed on all payments.

          Kincora Residents Association
          c/o Simco Management (Calgary) Inc.
          2478 91 Avenue SE
          Calgary, AB
          T2C 5H3

Pre-authorized payment (PAP)
​A PAP can be arranged for a once annual, automatic payment, processed about January 1st. This is an automatic withdrawal that does not consider any credit or debit balances on the account. Contact the Simco HOA Manager for assistance. 

Arrear payment 

An arrear account that has been contacted by SVR Lawyers has had the account balance ‘transferred’ to SVR Lawyers. Owners should communicate and make payments through SVR Laywers, as directed in the documents. The account information with Simco Management may not reflect the complete arrears balance, there can be a delay in the application of credit for all arrears payments, and a delay in the closure of collection when a payment is made through Simco Management.

The KRA appreciates the effort of all homeowners

to maintain their account in good standing.