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Frequently Asked Questions

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  •  Which portion of Kincora has an HOA fee?

The buildings within the KRA boundaries (see “Boundary Map” tab) have an encumbrance on the land title. As per the encumbrance, the Kincora Residents Association HOA fees are not optional. These documents should have been reviewed by your real estate agent and/or lawyer when purchasing the property. Updating account contact information and settling the account balance is usually completed during the sale/ purchase process. All of the account balance is the responsibility of the current owner(s). Unpaid fees will incur late penalties, interest, and possibly collection fees.

  • What is the HOA fee used for?

The collection of the annual fee is used to maintain the green spaces and amenities, within the KRA boundary, at a level that is superior to the standards that would have been provided for by The City of Calgary through the assessment and collection of property taxes. Some funds are also used to help support a healthy and active community. 

  • How is the KRA budget determined?

The board creates the budget based on previous year's budgets/financial statements and directs its energies towards projects to improve Kincora. Landscaping maintenance is the largest budgetary item and is a tendered contract. This tender is based on specifications from the City of Calgary.

  • Does the board receive any money from the City?

Yes, the KRA applies annually for a grant, through the Enhanced Landscaping Maintenance (ELM) program, for work that would be done usually by the City of Calgary.

  • Can I attend board meetings?

Rather than waiting for a board meeting, most matters can be responded to and resolved quickly by contacting the HOA Manager. The HOA Manager openly updates the board with current events. To attend a board meeting, please contact the HOA Manager with details of your agenda topic. You will be added to the beginning of the agenda and can attend only a portion of the board meeting to respect the privacy of some information discussed. Board meetings are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month, except July and August. Alternatively, you can make a submission through the 'Contact' page.

  • What is ‘Kincora Gray’ fence color?

The original KRA developer specified a fence color to be used on wooden fencing within the KRA boundary. This has been interpreted as applying to the outer ‘public’ facing side of the wooden fence. The inner facing fence color (ie backyard) has been left to the discretion of the property owner(s).

… Cloverdale WeatherOne “Grey Mountain”…

‘Grey Mountain’ is recorded by some paint suppliers as 'Kincora Gray'. An added twist is that there can be different grey tones used in portions of Kincora that are not part of the KRA. Also, WeatherOne brand is no longer available. Paint suppliers can color match with a small fence sample.

This information is found on the Restrictive Covenant attached to the Land Title on applicable homes.  Each property can have a unique set of Restrictive Covenants that include information about fence design for wooden fencing, chain link fencing, stone wall features, and drainage specifications.